Tameron Keyes 

No Backing Down

Helping Women Help Themselves

to Cultivate Confidence, Motivation, Ambition, and Effectiveness.

– As Malcolm X said

There’s only one way to be independent
There’s only one way to be free
It’s not something that someone gives to you
It’s something that you take
. . .
Nobody can give it to you
I’m for anybody who’s for freedom
I’m for anybody who’s for justice
I’m for anybody who’s for equality

I’m not for anybody who tells me to sit around and wait for mine

Malcolm X – El Hajj Malik El Shabazz

Dear Friends,
The purpose of this website is to help women see things from a different perspective in order to help them help themselves with their self- confidence, ambition, motivation, and ability to be effective. James Baldwin said the world changes according to how people see it. I also realized this and decided to make a You Tube channel with links to this website. My goal is to show a different perspective instead of intellectualizing or cheerleading, as I call it. You can comment on my You Tube Channel or send your comments through the contact page of this website. If you’d like to stay in touch for future events, join our community by checking the box on the contact page.

Lastly, you can connect with me on LinkedIn, where my wealth management information is located, and also where I comment on many interesting posts about women and their status in the world.

I hope my effort helps you see things differently and that you benefit from it.