Tameron Keyes 

No Backing Down

Helping Women Help Themselves

There’s only one way to be independent
There’s only one way to be free
It’s not something that someone gives to you
It’s something that you take
Nobody can give you anything
Nobody can give you freedom
Nobody can give you equality or justice or anything
If you’re a man, you take it
If you can’t take it, you don’t deserve it
Nobody can give it to you
I’m for anybody who’s for freedom
I’m for anybody who’s for justice
I’m for anybody who’s for equality
I’m not for anybody who tells me to sit around and wait for mine

Malcolm X – El Hajj Malik El Shabazz

Dear Friends,

I am a financial consultant in Beverly Hills, California. You can check me out on LinkedIn. Throughout my career, I have had a horrendous experience with so many obstacles thrown in my path, but I persisted and was one of the few women at that time who could last in the business, building my career alone. In 1999, when I was presented with the chance to sue, I filed a claim for sexual discrimination. Thousands of women were ultimately involved. I was the first woman to win. The lawsuit is historic and changed Wall Street. I didn’t do anything wrong, so even after I won, I stayed with the company and continued to build my career. Then the company settled with most of the other women and made them sign confidentiality agreements. After remaining with the same firm for three more years, I realized that I had a voice, not just for women in the financial services industry, but for most women because so many of us experience the same treatment, regardless of our work. Hence, I wrote my memoir No Backing Down. Throughout my career I learned a lot and I share what I have learned on this website. I hope it helps you.