Notice & Observe

These short videos show subtle, everyday attitudes and behaviours that undermine respect and credibility and/or damage women’s confidence and overall social standing.

Welcome to No Backing Down, Helping Women Help Themselves by highlighting a different view of women’s place in the world and thinking about how to be heard, recognized, respected and to stand up for themselves in all kinds of ways.

HOW CAN WOMEN EMPOWER THEMSELVES? Recognizing it is the purpose of this channel. What causes women to lose confidence after they thought they built self-confidence?

Wizard Liz, How Do Women Defend Themselves Against Invisible Assaults? How to notice when someone is trying to secretly tear women down.

Crystal Hefner, Is S*x Really Power For Women. How to learn to recognize the invisible trap to powerlessness.

I’m Going To Get My Husband. How to not disrespect yourself by needlesslessly giving away your effectiveness in the world.

Kim Kardashian, Don’t you Dare Talk to Us Like That! Why do women resist other women who know what they’re talking about.

Impulse to Avoid Upsetting Men is Deep, why do the most successful women leaders still bend over backward to make sure they dont upset men.

Women’s Success & Tina Turner, love it when women reach back and help other women up.

Do men get more respect than women. A unique mans experience of getting more respect than women.

Weird excuses women make about power. Many women resist other women’s achievements.

Meryl streep doesn’t want to upset men either. Women double talk to themselves. Even creative women cant bear to risk upsetting men.

Not beyonce. The other queen bees. Why do women resent other women who have attained the same position of respect as men?

She thinks she’s powerful. Women react to other women who have respect and recognition from men

Why am I helpless? Can’t blame people if they don’t respect you. Why do women sabotage themselves and limit their lives.

Historical Definitions from the Scientific Community

Women Uncomfortable Owning their Skill